A New Era for the KSOMS!!!


Welcome one and all.   Thanks to the dedication and energy of Dr. Mike Murphy, we have a new, redesigned, highly-functional website.  HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL is the key.  We needed to be able to update the site without adding another layer of expense.  So while it was imperative that costs be kept to a minimum, it was equally imperative that we could make changes internally to keep the website updated.

For several months now, Mike and I have been working in tandem, both bringing our own particular expertise to the table, to rebuild our website. We have designed, redesigned, written, edited, reedited and are now in the launch mode. 

We are also introducing a Patrons’ Program.  This has taken a year to develop, but our goal is encourage interested parties—e.g., vendors, businesses with administrative services, etc.—to become a KSOMS Patron.  The goal is to raise revenue.  Before the new site we had little to offer patrons in the way of visibility.